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Brandpassion offers three specific services that help you
create bottom line growth for your brand – whether your business is in
fashion, industrial design or the home interiors sector.

Product management

Product Management means looking at your product assortment – what it consists of, who you’re making it for, and how you’re creating it.

  • We’ll look at and analyse:
  • Your collections, past and present
  • Your development tools and workflow
  • Create planning tools that are easy for everyone to follow
  • Define areas of opportunity
  • Creating a price/product collection structure that satisfy your sales team
  • Bring in new design talent if that’s what you need through our network
  • Link all of this with your corporate strategy and make sure it’s embedded in your teams

Brand management

Brand Management means creating a platform that defines your brand – visually, verbally and with the future in mind.

  • We do this by:
  • Digging into your brand and corporate history and finding your secret weapon!
  • Creating a navigation tool we call the Brandpassion DNA Brand Matrix
  • Create a visual brand identity brief that will help you communicate your secret weapon
  • Defining your competitive landscape and where you fill the gap
  • Understanding your corporate strategy and linking that to your DNA development
  • Create functioning communication channels throughout your organisation


Management of your team requires a sensibility for your organisation, an understanding of your culture and values alongside good people skills, empathy and at least once daily, the opportunity for a really good laugh!
Brandpassion is Lesia and she has helped companies manage their teams through turnaround situations, merger and acquisition periods as well as held top management positions and board of director positions.

Her understanding of how an organisation is interdependent helps improve communication and secures employee retention.

  • Lesia can offer you:
  • Interim hands-on management on a daily basis
  • Mentoring of teams or individuals in your organisation
  • Board of Directors capacity specializing in brand and product management
  • Assistance in personnel searches through her network in fashion and home interiors



We’re called Brandpassion for a reason and we work with passion. Dedication. Our assignments mean something to us. We need to enjoy ‘doing’.

We want to build long-term relationships with you based on mutual respect, enthusiasm, curiosity and see progress and growth in your business.

Our aim is to increase your sales and strengthen bottom line growth through our efforts and initiatives.


Listening is so important – not just to what is said, but to what isn’t said.
We like to talk to everyone inside and outside your business. Gather as much as we can.

Every company is different. No two projects are alike. We want to find out what’s at the core of your business. What makes the business tick?

One of our mantras is ‘keep it simple’! We want to find the easiest, simplest and least stressful way for you to achieve growth through managing change, processes and increasing your brand value.


Doing things properly, correctly, with integrity.
That’s what doing right is about at Brandpassion. Integrity is our DNA.

We’ll define processes, create uncomplicated, easy to follow timetables, create strategy documents, whatever it takes. And we’ll do it in a way that reflects respect and honesty. We’ll provide solutions that really work and we’ll take responsibility for their proper execution. We’re not afraid to call it like we see it.


Really good design walks off the sales floor and into people’s lives if it’s done right.

We want to stimulate your design team by giving them:

Clarity as to what is expected
The means in which to do it – meaning time and the right conditions
Simple tools and a structured framework in which to do it in

We want to put your corporate mind at ease by:

Creating consensus within your organisation for your design, brand and product/price development direction
Establishing confidence in the your brand direction and product destination

And if you need some external help to ease your design team, we’ll help find the right people from our network of design professionals.


‘We’ are actually, Lesia.
Brandpassion is Lesia.
Uncomplicated, enthusiastic,
energetic and creative.

Working out of her office in Copenhagen, Lesia is curious of the world around her.

She started Brandpassion because she felt there was a need to link corporate strategies with design development using intellect, intuition, common sense and excellence in execution skills.

She has worked with international companies creating positive growth in turnaround cases and redefined brands with a long legacy. She’s assisted growth cases in preparing for their next level of expansion. She also sits as a member of the board of directors in leading Danish design companies and has hands-on merger and acquisition experience.

‘It’s really not the size of the company or the sexiness of the brand that matters. It’s the task at hand that excites me. I want my clients to experience a positive difference upon completion of a project.  Not only on the bottom line but also amongst their employees and certainly for the brand. My ambition is to make Brandpassion a catalyst for positive change.’